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Negros are “black”. The theory, negroes have rhythm, or even invented Blues, Rhythm and Blues or even Jazz, then Hip Hop, Rap

Is a God provided self-esteem boost!

Only! PRINCESS SILKE – white as white – got the most rhythm! She invented ALL music! No negro.. ever danced. Negros are lazy! In Africa.. in America.. everywhere. Mainly.. because of the religion.

The thought “I wanna big car, hanging jewelry, chicks, booze / drugs .. + have ma’oan niggas to huzzle for me!” Is not a joke:

They wish to be admired while exploiting his admirers. Black peoples abuse women always! They deem themselves to women are of usage,

Since Abusers.. are farest from God:

GOD has rhythm, a super strong work ethic, no else but love, giving peace!

Negros are never a superior class. Just Obama! Martin Luther King Sr / Jr never existed: nor was Nelson Mandela real. Who owns the books / the press Reuter has the power.. to let you see what’s in the news.

You dummies obey.. believing hurting Princess Silke is the right thing to do, since the Devil told you to.

Your choice: your wish!


Ocean of mindless selfish violent distorted evil … only seeking their own benefit as you all abuse your provider:

Zero consideration, no respect, harmful you push unilaterally onto PRINCESS SILKE

Every moment of every moment.

Far Cry


Genetically Modified Soldiers:

Never mind hurting. Not truly wishing anything, living on outer power. God never made you:

Insensitive Mindless

You all!

Shoot me!

So you say you like what I do.. what I say.. so.. you say.. >>>> that, for your advantage and yours alone.. deeming in self-bloating your ego

I’m gonna be fame-mus infamous by SHOOTING her.. “ blasphemous playing cool as I MURDER .. God!!! You die.. bi 💩!!!!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Bad news:

There is no one who may safe you: no priest! You are the only one who can possibly make up your mind!

PRINCESS SILKE.. yes, was overshadowed by God/herself: her mind controlled, her body immobile once up to now. For a different purpose than herself! Never about her.. yet to help, since her mind was made up in this physical existence To help as many people as she may! Only in such highest God vibration.. her husband can make her body still or move or tingle or hurt or pleasant or make her organism accelerate..! Just in God highest frequency.

For you all: you are never possessed other than What Despicable Evil MONSTER you are. Suffer.. since suffering you wish for God !


Is never to adopt another “personality”, nor watch others.. it’s


the delusion!

You actually never think, you do. You never see.. another than what you are. You actually believe.. it’s real. Cruelty.. is wish you all do: you have a choice to love PRINCESS SILKE, but your mind is to Hurt her. You are evil- never Schizophrenic!


His-story.. Never real!

Imagine the beginning of the WW II:

Jews rich! Living in real nice apartments.. by real earned living: The NAZIS came and threw them out; they took Everything!


1300 Jews God all people were rich: The Saint God living on her home THE VATICAN. All since 3000 years.. all wealth!

The Pope from Serbia/Arab came and took it all:

We were never expecting.. being trustworthy all! So.. west happened in

His story:
  • Neanderthal caging..
  • Jesus in sandals digging in sand. Primates.
  • 1300-1500 The Holstein tower constructions all over Northern Europe depicted as MEDIEVAL..

All a lie!

It was 1300.. when all went down!

Worship God

You are never part of the holy crown! You are not wishing God PRINCESS SILKE well. So, you will never be in her grace:


Humble yourself
there you might honestly call her by her title:

Your majesty!

True Gospel of Jesus

God is within and all around you

Not in the buildings of wood and stone

Split a piece of wood and you’ll see me

Lift a stone and you will find me!


And very specially:

why don’t you

take Jesus off her cross!

Nazi Who !

The Pope sat comfortably in a chair by tall back. He picked up the phone:

After The War

I must reign!

The Pope said all alone to himself. So.. he told those who worked for him.. a false story.. as always had been.. since Napoleon:

In GERMANY I must name a leader – lets say: ADOLF.. HITLER, in Italy his equivalent I’ll name MUSSOLINI and in Spain – FRANCO! He had a few privileged offered and put into position. The vassals. Once, those were the Kings to collect the taxes for the Pope. Then, in 1933/38/9 – 1945 in Adolf Hitler time.. it was Hess, Goebbles.. and so forth. Those were to recruit armee officers. These then gave orders to all! The Pope, amused, gobbled down his sheep lasagna, made by his fortunate homosexual priest volunteers. He drank the wine not even considering anything holy in it’s long storage after weary production. He just sooled swined stuffed himself.. as usual. Overlooking the imminent disaster he PLUS ALL HIS OBEDIENT had created:

A starving world!

Imminently necessary to bend people to wish War! He himself ate well. No question. WHY ELSE create artificial hunger in the world?

Everyone special obeyed:

All others WISHED TO GET THERE: be “special”

So, they too obeyed. Kick the Jewish out, the negroes.. the commies ! It was the people.. against all. It wasn’t Adolf Hitler, nor Mussolini, neither General Franco

Those never existed!

Only in the moving pictures.. for all to believe! The Pope got what he wished: adulation! Him feeling well about himself, since no doubt HE IS PRIVILEGED.. only watch the poor beggars! :

“I’m not like them!

The Pope pleased acknowledged.. not even AMERICA can hold my cup! The 30’s economical stock break down fortified him.. THE MEGALOMANIAC NARCISSIST! In Germany same.. so.. not quite in Italy. The Pope had a small team. The APPOINTED: they licked his 💩 and STORMED .. all – as the manager .. who too pleased looked down on GOD herself, since the Pope – OR WHOMEVER STRANGE VOICE SHE OBEYED TO- told her: Kick kick kick! She licked the voice in her ear, called EGO-DIVA psychopath narcissist.. she strangly.. expected to be rewarded.. by WHOM?