Fuck with Jesus

Fuck with Jesus..

What did you thought GOD is going to do FOR you?

You do:

You get!

You deny her WATER!

You deny her FOOD!

You deny her ACCESS!


Violent shameless taunting provocatively diminishing no-aid!

You are a danger to all:

Confined to keep Earth alive!

Body of CHRIST

Bottom line

The read of


and the

Eat the body of CHRIST

Is depicting: all creation is GOD. CHRIST is not Jesus, the human, yet the PRINCIPLE of GOD in the FLESH/MATERIAL! All what is matter is to be taken /eat via your PHYSICAL moment.. by CHRIST who is the principle of GOD:

God is love.. noticed in watching, then in APPRECIATION!

You never WATCH! Let alone APPRECIATE.. you never! So.. you miss!

Violent activity

She takes her armed weapon and shoots straight at me five times over the counter.. at Peet’s this morning. Next, she walks to the sink and WIGGLES her arse at me, as saying I WIN BITCH.

At the side another women by her head upwards in offering her ARROGANCE she’d be the next to shoot – she did already point her arm at US!

See.. where that would lead IF we let those!


American Visa

From Mexican perspective… once you are in a profession, going to actually live in the USA is downfall. Let alone, you’ll never be recognized in the USA! You also feel the American solitude. Solidarity was real in Mexico! Never in the States! So, why was Latin America jodido: from the Banking System the indicator of value was to just add a zero to the dollar, devaluations all south mid central + Mexico! Just that! The job offer.. same. The encouragement: same low red neck no value in USA.. than Netza! Human values were more in Mexico than every achieved in the USA!

The dream of America was the delusion that anyone could be a millionaire from nothing. This was true IN MEXICO: Don Alejandro after years of hard work.. so his compatriotas rotary.. one selling carton boxes. Great advantage of all AMERICA north+ south was: you were allowed to reinvent yourself. With a big of ingenuity.. you could make a life doing something completely new. – Not in Germany!-. Work. After work.. your earned money.. what was it buying:

Milk meat … a home. Never different in the North / USA than Mexico / . The only advantage was to earn meager dollars and not spend yet send them to a devaluated Latin country. Mexico. In hand, one actually lived far better in Mexico being a professional. Warm. People see you. A great meal was never expensive. A fashion was never a value in Mexico… in a sense one must have expensive clothing. – only the rich who already had money might disagree. Where do you get entertainment:

The movies. Restaurants. Dance. In family! At house parties. For the even poorest: at the street among family / neighbors dancing between a couple of speakers. Nothing fancy! Go to the beach.. yes, a hotel cost. Yet, options to even out by non commercial places were plenty!


Do you wish a mediocre administrator to lead the Earth, or do you want GOD!

PRINCESS SILKE would never fight!

She wished never..

The only way she is part of a group is when she is the leader!


Can a president be different: from what? The old structure is ‘single family’ .. was established to maintain fractions! All against each other. No one community!

Is being gay acceptable. To be president: NO! It’s not a sexual orientation.. who gives a damn!.. it’s not a lot of things:

It’s the being incapable of facing truth! A strong person.. is GOD alike. TRUTH.

Is a .. what is your question?

Do you?

Once you trust.. you will love GOD/PRINCESS SILKE!

Peace love!! Must US say: all will have what they wish. No hunger. No savages! No abuse! No evil people! SHARING! Oneness!

Princess Silke is never interested in politics

We are all equal in the eyes of God!

What does that mean:

Every person on the planet has to be a medical doctor? NO! Every person has the right to be

Your true self!

You never let a tiger run around a city, because the tiger must kill. You don’t leave an epidemic unaddressed, since epidemic murders. THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING!


They intuitively see they don’t like to stick their penis where SHIT happens ! So, they compensate!

They also don’t like to be fucked in the butt! Richard.. never liked.. his young gay-sha Italian clean whore: he diminished the young law student daily… since he represented RICHARDS FILTH! Gossip is – like any catholic – a form to make up for ones own failure! Missed out to be good. Didn’t gained! Mistreated! RICHARD MISTREATED HIS WIFE, THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD, HIS LOVER WHOM HE MURDERED!

Princess Silke never likes Asians! Her ex looked as one. PHẬT IS ASIAN.. WHOM SHE


What’s that: an idiosyncrasy! She never respects ARABS! She had an Iranian friend. She went to speak to Lebanese monks to be. She danced to Arabs. She watched: covered veiled women are DESPISING GOD – whereas the men NEVER RESPECT ANY VEILED WOMEN! Any mean person Princess Silke never likes! Mean = ABUSIVE! Abusive cannot be alive. Sincerity survives once aimed to higher good.


Look at the WF worker who thinks he’s better than what he does. Aren’t we!

I will never make him happy, because his sole purpose to feel better is to be seen as such BY OTHERS who he deems INFERIOR! He is hateful!


Is NOT security. It’s a form to make all insecure! WORK IS TO BE VALUED at all scales! By no cleaning I have a filthy house. By not studying I stay ignorant. By never addressing world issues those would not be resolved: must I live in a garbage to be President? I am not able to construct my house, to do plumbing, Wash, clean PLUS attend World issues. Someone must help! My function is always in conjunction to OTHERS who do their work to have all gliding smoothly together. HOW VALUABLE are ALL WHO HELP! 💰

My best friend at high school and the most interesting person I ever saw in Germany I believed to be gay!

I missed him for so long! – PRINCESS SILKE

Would God let MICHAEL JACKSON to be president:

First and foremost, why would Michael Jackson wish to president.. he liked to sing and dance! No! While he was smoothe, sweet.. all his representations were to

Get all to LIKE / LOVE him.

Not his work. So, redundantly NO! A president is not about to be liked as what he as a person was, yet of the pursuit to GENERAL WEALTH! When and if.. then you all might like/love the president!


A male gay couple representing USA is diminishing ALL WOMEN – being a chauvinist politic.

R. E.A.L. 😂

The MESSAGE of a gay couple being president is: EXTINGUISH procreation! Or: make such who do delivery humans.. OUR BITCHES! Therefore.. we must take FERTILITY TESTS TO EITHER: the president PLUS his wife to see whether they are


If vegan ran this place, humanity might get EXTINCT of overpopulation of 🐮 cows , 🐑 sheep, chicken 🐓, 🐖 pigs.. and 🥚!!!

UPS! 😳

If God wins the election by 25%.. that is 3/4 of earth population is AGAINST! 👿

How many to crush a planet by nuclear bomb: 1!


You are willing to stall GOD. You are slandering her. You are getting yourself a better seat as she suffers for you. YOU ARE NOT GOD-WORTHY! You are not apt to be alive where GOD is. It’s getting better when GOD is… it’s worse where you are!


Made West Europe worse while ARABS & derivatives went to change the standard or Status Quo of trust by mishandling all affairs in cheat damage hurt. All cities went down in harsh hardship garbage. You don’t comply.. once you had comfort. Why does GOD comply to your cheat: she never.

She suffers.. so will YOU! Eat your own 💩!

She is nice..

Be nice!

What is the meaning of life: to envy God!

So you awake from childhood into youth knowing that you don’t know. You build yourself while you measure your actions against..


No: you rebuild what’s there by focusing what social average will bring you REWARD: to know you do right. What when the social code is against God!

The Bible code

Is just telling you your demise. Since you don’t search. You only copy that what anyone inputs: an entire history for you to set in place. You are so predictable. So to measure yourself to God,

Jesus depicted in 3 dimension time all at the same time:

The ancient crucified bearded despised Jesus. The scriptures where it read WHAT’S RIGHT, you pray to your savior Jesus. PRINCESS SILKE enacting JESUS FOR YOU TO BE GOOD:

But you still don’t get it!

You do not wish to help. You do not wish to do good. If she tells you what you are: YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON! – you our project hatred on her.. or you smile thinking that’s good (the Mexican ). Or both!

Did you saw: America invaded by a small yet powerful group lead by Vatican Pope: MALTA.. destroyed THE EUROPEAN UNION

By getting ARAB countries to enter conflict war famine also in Africa, such as ultimately they all IMMIGRATE to Europe: DESTROY THE UNION THE VALUES THE TRUTH OF GOD..

From the inside!

So… now you: violence secrecy unloyal to PRINCESS SILKE wish to destroy Gods work! No will!








Is a hen. In Mexican it’s whore… feminine; yet by masculine puto it’s homosexual in a derogatory way. Puto is used when a man is really angry. Also when he feels threatened, so he diminishes the other by telling/yelling at him poco hombre= puto.

Pinche.. is often used! It has three meanings, two are kaló: pinche.. as in arsehole, mean motherfucker.. or in a compliment form motherfucker!

Vete a la..

verga: is considered the worst insult. One must be very corriente / vulgar low class to utilize that.


Mr President! Our project fell through.



Ya valió verga!


No.. pos que sí…! Pos nooo…

a la chingada: the most common insult. Meaning: fuck off!

The hand symbol


Is the most powerful one.. it only works on men. It symbolizes I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU.. yet in the hand it’s the.. one thing I wasn’t thinking about. ORIGIN: mocos- not from nostrils .. yet the white stuff chingando oneself!


WHAT’S THIS: 🖐! .. A transformer: MOCOS.. sigue la huella! As in 5. Another form to show the finger.

These are never used in Mexico

Only No 1: cuernos: some man is cheating on you by f* your wife. or: Your.. is putting on LOS CUERNOS to you.. by f* your wife. Or: your wife .. is putting LOS CUERNOS on you.. cheating. ANTLER / HORNS makes no sense in English, yet in.. OPTIONAL No 2: when the hand is shaked in the right way, it indicates an invitation or allusion to: chupar.

No one will tell you about mocos since men are way too ashamed.

Orate: it’s pretty sophisticated form to say stupid! (Noun)

Ojete: is much derogatory to name mean! Bad intended. Cheat.

No hay pedo: no problem!


Albur-ger King

Mexicans in considering a hamburger at an American fast food:

Ah que chingao… QUÉ es esto! ? El pan.. yo que pensaba que mi torta de tamal ‘sta mal.. no mames: el bun (buhn) se hace tan chiquitito que cuando voy del dos cago peas! Y lo que le llaman carne: pa’que molestarse.. una hojita de.. ya ni la amuelan ‘stos gringos de .. si cojen como comen.. no wonder somos más que ellos! No pues.. está cabrón. Peeendejos, estos..!

Se hechan mucha salsa.. SALSA? Que ni que: MAYO a su buhn.. pura boca..‘ches gringos..!

Puñal: puto gay.

Echarse la torta: fuck (sexually) a women. Referring to her arse: torta= a BOLILLO/rol sandwich. Or: telera, meaning the butt CRACK.


Has many different usages, which are NOT always French recuiller. English recollect.

Cógeme de la mano: invariably it means Take my hand!

Cógete una telera. : Can mean Get a telera/sweet bread for yourself. It may say: Go fuck a lazy women! Or UNWORTHY women.

Quieres coger? Is Do you wanna fuck! It doesn’t imply an invitation!

A coger la fruta! Is Let’s pick up the fruit from the ground .. or the ..

Cógete una negrita. : Go fuck a dark skinned girl.

Ella siempre coje el pan. : She always gets the bread.

Tu madre! : I’m gonna fuck you off!

Tu mamá..: Doesn’t mean .. unless the phrase continues. A response could be: Qué hay de mi mamá?

Hay que coger el momento como viene: Carpe diem.

Van a coger una directora: They are going to take/employ a (female) director.

Cójete al pinche güey: Go fuck (literally sex) the idiot!

Tu me cojes todo mi ser: Doesn’t! It would be: Tu me agarras..! : You get me!

Canuto: is NEVER Mexican. It’s East Coast Spain.. verga. Verga here is the penis. Not (see above) the vagina.


German – in theory – for Angeber – yet it’s NOT used like this in MEXICO. It’s a show-off.. used for:

When a women handles a man who is showing her, let’s say his muscles, when the women likes it she slashes her eyelids by a faint blush while smiling she tells him she likes using the word Presumido.. she wants to be… 💋!

Not so when a male uses the word. It tells how the sound is of the way he speaks it!

If a women doesn’t like a man, the German word Angeber would be used as: Presuntuoso! Also.. mamón.

Chino: is NOT kaló. It refers to curly hair.

Mamada: it’s a funny way to say.. (gosh.. I really can’t say).. EXAMPLE: Pilates are una mamada.. IT DOES NOT REFER LITERALLY TO “CHUPAR/MAMAR” which is to lick.

Chupar: is to drink.. alcohol in large quantities/to get drunk/to have it as habit.


Mr. President: the opposing forces have been incurring in a strike; it happens to become a riot if the leader doesn’t get ahold of his partition!



Ya se cagó la madre!

Political discurs:

Bueno… en vista a los eventos concurridos se puede objetar a la noción de los discursos obtenidos por lo cual de una buena vez sería de ver un nuevo enfoque a la situación de la cual se … pero en realidad .. NO sabemos!


No.. pos ya se le llevó el chahuistle!

pelotudo, boludo: NEVER used in MEXICO.

Chinga tu madre! : I give up! Fuck you! and Fuck your mother!

Bacalao: is NOT a bad word. It’s a dried salted large fish as one / three traditional dishes served at Christmas, added green Olives in a sauce. If the word would be used, it may allude rather to a slippery / fishy person.

Mameluco / mamilas: short for MAMON: some MAN who still sucks on his mothers tits as an aphorism making him poco hombre. NO SUBSTANCE.. no SPINE!

Culero: is exclaimed to CHALLENGE a man!

Echar la hueva: being lazy.

Cagado: very bad diminishing form to say fucked up.

Me cago en la madre: I’ll be damned!


German for insult.. that what is used to curse or cuss. It is never kaló. Mexicans don’t ever tell others a one word like: stupid cow / błöde Kuh! They are too afraid! They’d use a word like culero.. to indicate poco hombre, yet this is an INDIRECT form. If they are angry.. they visualize to hurt the man by chingar.. a su madre / NOT chingar su madre. In other words : I’m gonna hurt your mother.

The form to use ojete is mild plus a temporary circumstance! German for blöd.

While you read this recourse yourself into the main catholic notion of pride to self gain respect while being THE MEANEST! So.. mean is an elogio / a praise.. NOT a curse! 🤯 Mad? Mexicans do never get mad overtly since in Catholic it’s a sign of WEAKNESS! That is:

Mexicans are passive aggressive!

Mexicans are also not allowed to say “NO”:

So, they wiggle themselves out of the affair, by not doing or not being there where they had promised to fulfill.

Since they internally normally feel bad.. they start to badmouth / Gossip the other person to relief their own inadequacy: in psychology it’s named PROJECTION.

Mexicans are much more hands on to interfere personally to hurt someone. That’s why the cancer-rates were so low!

Mexicans don’t keep it inside: they talk to a third person incessantly.. plus they do – NOT WORDS – yet direct action AGAINST that person by CONTROLLING the well-being as they willingly OBSTACULIZE / BOICOTT that person. Fingir/ pretend they didn’t.. knew/saw/ EXACTLY AS YOU ALL ENHANCE TO PURSUE PRINCESS SILKE for your own SELFISH purpose.

Llevar la corriente: is not gow with the flow, yet: MAKE BELIEF they go with whatever the other person is doing/wishing/saying. They pretend to be on the same side to the person while secretely awaiting to stick their knife in the back: BACKSTABBING.

PRINCESS SILKE takes you seriously: you don’t want to acknowledge her.. SO BE THAT! 😔

Alte Schlampe

German BAD CUSS: it stands for

Someone who isn’t clean, neat, organized.

It’ll never held in Mexico as an insult to be unorganized.. even messy. You don’t clean after yourselves either: YOU ARE NOT GOD-WORTHY!

Méndigo: is a mega poor person who asks for limosnas: it’s VERY derigatory.

Estar caliente: feeling sexually aroused.

Lujuria: means to feel aroused and to want to fuck someone by no human consideration. Sexual desire.

Echarse un polvo: NEVER used in MEXICO, neither is:


Coger: to fuck.

pilón: is an extra you NORMALLY get.. when you buy licuados / milk shakes, on the street.

Piloncillo: is an unrefined whole cane sugar, mainly found in Mexico, where it has been around for at least 500 years. It has an earthy, caramel-like taste. Some describe it as similar to a very intense brown sugar or molasses. It can usually be found at Mexican markets pressed into blocks, cones, or loaves. It’s used in the Mexican ancient hot chocolate in a barro pot and at DAY OF THE DEATH guisado of hot fruit + caña de azúcar. Although piloncillo is a sugar substitute, it’s not like sugar sweet.

Cuero: from the word leather it describes a hot women.

Forro: is what is lining /dressed a person. This describing a women means she is hot. Whereas saying a man está forrado:

Está forrado: indicates he is covered / has LOTS OF MONEY/POSESSIONS!

Here the difference is between ser and estar: to be – SER is permanent, whereas ESTAR is fleeting!

She is hot: ser = a hot women. estar = she is… because of a hot day. Yet, in Spanish it’s not quite this, referring to hot. Ella es (ser) caliente is she is nymphomaniac- Ella está caliente is she is in heat. To be hot like in TEMPERATURE is Tengo calor! Ella tiene calor.

barrajéamela más despacito: is slow down.. and repeat.. explain it so I can UNDERSTAND (since I’m stupid).

Orejón: donkey.

Burro: donkey. But as in German Esel it means stupid (a person).

Cubana: THE RICHEST OF ALL TORTA.. SHE HAD IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Güey: is a male donkey. It is used among men to say my man.. homy. In the 80’s it began to be used be young women in a false sense of female emancipation between each other.

No seas güey: don’t be stupid.

Ay güey!: oh God!

Chela: beer

Caguama: it’s a family size beer.


Born 1908, in the ‘80s had been PRINCESS SILKE’s friend. He was a brother… although they never knew. They spoke the same Von Rothschield language: the field!

He made her see the idiosyncrasy of MEXICAN Superstitious IDIOT. He, in the minutes she was standing at his market stand at La Rome, made explicit APHORISM. He taught her many, yet concluded by diminishing them all:

Cuando el pájaro canta, el indio muere. Puede que sea cierto, puede que sucede!

HE LAUGHED internally .. she was too!

Indio: by normal usage it names the Mexican indigenous. As slang, it tells the indigenous condition: ignorance! Naming any male indio is cussing him being ignorant. – How is a indigenous ignorant: for naming .. he is bilingual! He speaks the native + Spanish language. What keeps him differentiated is his simplicity: he never aspired to be BOSS, he never gets a CHANCE since the conquistadors to have a job, he is… OBEDIENT! He doesn’t QUESTION the authority! For a native.. this is COMPLEX, since who claims authority has such! Humble – not self righteous – servant. He is clean of the inquisition LIE to cheat into MAKE-BELIEVE!


The rich CENTRAL EUROPE culture who got life going. Iron works of great accomplishments! Those are the first natives in all AMERICA:

They are indigenous. Sensitive plus respectful to all nature. They lived in tents.. ate on the ground. To the day, indigenous still eat + sell food on the floor. They don’t despise others nor do they complain! They have no need to make a table to see the idiosyncratic presumptuous served of the Spanish mixed who are named “MEXICANS”. They do not feel inferior! To be in a job was to obey a master.. who in inquisition was abusive. WHY BOTHER! Lucia- PRINCESS SILKE’s maid for 8 years! was native. She was highly regarding herself as INDEPENDENT worker.. she worked for whom she pleases as she was GREAT at her job by all respect to having work! She was good to PRINCESS SILKE since she saw her mutual RESPECT! No downsizing!

Another 18 year old indigenous saw PRINCESS SILKE in the field of GOD / love and fell deeply for her: she saw.. to IMMEDIATELY in COMPLETE RESPECT extract herself! All others around made strong fun of him. Nature was kept intact within the indigenous!


Were fucked.. not by GOD who seeded Mexico to be THE BEST COUNTRY ON PLANET EARTH!.. yet by the Pope:

All indigenous were downsized by the Catholic Pope Inquisition! All Spanish were uplifted. A MIXTURE of both made the conquistador to be unworthy naming who is impure: the MEXICAN. He so wasn’t a native any longer either. CONSTANTLY naming.. the want to be white .. diminishing dark. He then followed the Spanish strictly spoken catholic language: exploitation. Strictly speaking he was SLAVE! The unachieving position of never be as high as the Spaniard. Obedient.. to the catholic sense of downsizing others. Lick- kick.

The thought of knowledge being great was gotten into the NEW Mexicans via GOD: a great university education. A fine human being.

Many Mexicans made PRINCESS SILKE aware of their understanding IN CONTRAST of what is right vs wrong: a simple story..

When God.. made Earth he gave a country ALL NATURAL resources. Greatest oceans, lakes, rivers. Highland. So.. why on good Earth did God placed on such richness the (poor in work ethic / diminishing abusive idiosyncratic stupidity) MEXICANS?

PRINCESS SILKE saw the Mexican was diminishing his own tribe… yet what no one knew:


Grillo: although the word stands for Salta-montes/ GRASS HOPPER, it is used in Mexico to elevate a political conscious to righteousness into CHE GUEVARA PROFIL person!

Che Guevara: symbol for right! 👸

Fidel: Italian for faithful

Play a tiny violin: NO EQUIVALENT IN MEXICAN.. since it’s ok to be WHINY!

Sal chicha: separated means in US:: SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS!

Gata 🐱 : derogative for a maid.

Perro 🐕 : a mean abusive man.

Rata 🐀 : a thief!

Cochino 🐖 : to be dirty.

Paloma: 🕊

Palomazo: what PRINCESS SILKE did with Salario Mínimo!!!!

Hecharse en el bolsillo: does NOT mean bagged. It stands for getting someone to be ONE WITH YOU PLUS FOLLOW YOU WHEREVER YOU GO!

A huevo: of course!

La hueva: la flojera… This is… lame..(I DON’T wanna do this!).

Chido : Awesome!

Chingón : an awesome person. An awesome event.

Chale carnal : I recognize you, bro! Also: no mamés.. and no chingues or ya ni la chingues! Either way, good or bad.

No chingues! : No inventes! Te pasas! Te pasaste! As in you went overboard..

Ya ni la chingues! : are you serious!? Don’t go there. Too much! … But, in Mexico being naughty.. was a symbol of macho a and earned respect!

Me chingo a la güera!: I will fuck off the blonde.

“Quieres chingar?”: THAT EXPRESSION DOES NOT EXIST! TO ASK “wanna fuck!?” is quieres coger!? Same as “I like to fuck” .. well NO ONE IN MEXICO ACTUALLY ADMITS THIS!

Sangrón: like payaso/clown denominates a male who in conquest to get a women’s attention makes bad jokes /commentaries in meaningless monologues. Sangrón is more intensified than payaso, yet it’s not truly bad, nor is it Kaló! A female cannot be sangrón. Sangrón comes from the word Sangre/blood .. and indicates someone who is bleeding another. In Mexican it’s not dramatic. NOW IT IS!


Remember: that is KALO! No educated person utilizes MANY of these euphemism! Some.. only among friends!

This makes it probably so FUNNY.. in the movies.. ‘cuz only najayotes/UNEDUCATED IDIOTS take those expressions seriously!

Sometimes men agree to use that language in response to another man, out of fear: it acknowledges I am at YOUR side– contrary to the other side, which implies: DON’T FUCK ME OFF! its to form a temporary alliance. Yet, it’s an illusion: no SAFETY.

I – since I am a women – would never ever hear Lic. Antonio Del Valle, or Lic. Miguel Limon say any of those words ever ! But, when you use a public transportation micro bus / pesera one will certainly hear men talk that.

Like in English, a mother will say watch your language! Yet not the 80% of idiots. Those have no boundaries. Those never saw forbidden.. yet they did! That was perhaps the entire point: we don’t talk like the rich! Yet.. the rich sometimes use the language to express: WE ARE FUCKING MEXICANS, chingao! (F* those gringos!). As in: WE ARE VALUABLE! UNIQUE! WE HAVE WHAT YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND! Communion!

When ROLANDO VILLAZON after an aria at a concert used a light version in response to the ORCHESTRA DIRECTOR.. it was, unfulfilling to ROL, strange, for saying the least.. yet the way to inform We did it! As in this went well.. was to enhance a NONEXISTING CONNECTION… never to be achieved since the lack of field was the mean selfish Director.. him on drugs. [Rolando Villazon.”Lamento di Federico” In L’arlesiana by Cilea]

There are expressions none of these men would ever use, not even among friends, as verga, chido.. those are far too low.


The origin of bad language/ Kalo are the very diminished poor neighborhoods Netzahualcototl – then Tepito. The former was a conglomeration of newly arrived farmers to Mexico City who build a house at the adjacent to the city.. who came out of nowhere.. in the words, yet it wasn’t: ITS LACK OF CITY PLANNING! In a centralized government: this is, all rich accumulated in very enclosed spots, the MAIN CITIES, leaving all other parts of the whole country unattended in poverty: CORRUPTION to gain selfish power of the POLITICIANS IN GOVERNMENT! These new immigrants were named paracaidistas.. as if they fell from the sky.

Only another way to talk themselves out of responsibilities of the governing. In terms of building a house.. this is an enormous exaggeration considering the atrocities in poorest corrugated iron + tarps these poor ignorants were to handle “a roof”. The latter – Tepitolies in the heart of Mexico City right behind THE CATHEDRAL passing the colonial wood shops of La Lagunilla. These, in response to the intimidation of social pressure – they lived in Vecindades – a indoor patio adjacent to MANY tiny apartments shared often by A LOT of family members offering no PRIVACY whatsoever… to connect they stole! In conjunction to the governing PROHIBITION of HIGH TECH.. the BLACK MARKET arose, selling cheaper what first was NOT allowed- cameras, stereo systems, brand sport shoes -, later when it had been sold at the sole EXPENSIVE LUXURIOUS SHOPPING MALLS which were counted on one hand over the entire 20 million inhabitants city – the market also brought in imitations! To elude justice, the indoor corridors were made to ESCAPE if any police would show. Living in those neighborhoods officially was creating delinquents.. yet not all: the lower PRIETO family never spoke bad, ever stole.. they were hardworking parents creating a cheat /POLICE man, a lazy / NON IDENTIFIED + a GOOD citizen! Sons. Of course.. these extended to the most part of the city.. ! No income. No accounting for. No address. At first. No water. No electricity! No sewer system. Extensive commutes to get a job up to 2 HOURS per passage. HOPE? Nah!

Urban hell:


NETZAHUALCOYOTL at the exit far from Mexico City once, up the highway to rich Puebla, was the GARBAGE disposal! People lived.. from trash!

Social disacknowledgement

When you see Italian housewives hanging by hair curlers around a table – after washing the breakfast dishes-, talking or gossiping, what did that said: well.. because they are catholic… many consider a work ethic of minimum effort: so do Mexicans! Rather than creating something.. art, or educating themselves.. or creating active communities or helping children to get better.. they DO NOTHING! Do Nothing a social disacknowledgement accepted /adopted by ALL! Take that to the next level.. no husband! What then? Easy fix.. a whore. Male / female creating the quick buck ideology. When someone strives to get out of that vicious cycle, the entire community was to extrapolate them! OUTCAST. Poor / 80% of all catholic population deemed little effort – BIG WORDS.. tiny to non action + whiny.. the correct approach. Let the virgen of .. provide. Steal + pray. A non delivering husband is not sexy. He naturally doesn’t get sex neither recognition. So.. he talks a new women into he’s someone.. ‘til she too gets pregnant and becomes another NEEDY DEMANDING wife! Next! NOTHING works! No!

Now, in the new barrios to convert into slums the people are not accounted for. They don’t produce anything. They don’t pay taxes! If those who made a few surviving bucks never payed taxes.. it was because they were surviving! Even and if those would get the law on them.. what – just if this would have been happening- could they do: NOTHING! A judge may claim a punishment amounting to $$ .. yet who CAN pay? No one! So.. jail? WELCOME: FREE HOUSE! A roof. A daily meal! Running water.. clean DRINKING water.. a SHOWER! Even a job! DYSFUNCTIONAL.

The justice system was not solid. Too many ways to play it. These as Homero why was able to pay.. those played the insufficient justice system. No tax evader ever went to prison. Who is gonna pay for the ones who weren’t contributing.. the government? NO! The max they got was a fine. Better be sorry and $ then GOOD and $$$! Mainly the taxes were paying off the intrinsically corrupt body of governing politicians! Why else be part of the next sexenio!


The law never protected a renting citizen: home owners were kicking anyone out at there leisure, so did they uppered the rent at libidum! NO SECURITY! A true free financial market! NO CONSIDERATION! Only getting rich on expense of another!

At a job anyone was thrown out at any moment by NO JUSTICE! NO CONSIDERATION!



There are many more expressions which PRINCESS SILKE never uses. Those are colloquial. As en buen plan, naming a person verídico, definitely not la neta – a very low form. She’d never name a person chana, neither chancleta. She definitely would not name anyone güey!


Nazi-Regime: causing a HOLOCAUST!

Jesus / PRINCESS SILKE is not a soldier… depriving a nation, a race nor a person the RIGHT to EXIST!


You strip her off her body to be where she wishes:


You get her life in not breathing


You cause extreme hardship… as she intends to keep you safe! (New Earth), so you by no fear, no distress can be kind! You are



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