The usage of people well described in this KEROUACish inspired literature master piece:

The characters vain, superficial, naturally selfish ready to exchange one for another one!


How : (QUOTES)

“They’d been dating for almost six months and were entering that dreaded phase every new relationship goes through, where the novelty of having a partner starts to fade away and you begin to question what it was that attracted you to the other person in the first place, and if it’s still enough for you to stick around.”

“the lack of mutual interests between them and their inability to maintain a conversation were becoming increasingly apparent to him – and even starting to severely dampen her sex appeal.”

“Danika hated sport – and just about anything else that he was into, which made spending time together tough. “

“Her interests were limited to the world within her smart phone and finding ways to hone the online version of herself that would lure in scores of new followers. He could not care less about his online profile. “

“During the first two months of their relationship she’d happily tagged along to a few sporting events despite her disinterest, rapidly stabbing at the screen of her phone with the pads of her thumbs as she posed her way through hundreds of selfies and status updates.”

Why does that matter: when you are in a relationship, you don’t wish to push your attention towards selfies!

“he’d bagged Danika Mitchell after all. “

How can you love, when you sole see your partner as “CONQUEST / Trophy “?

“It was just that he hated the way that most of the events she dragged him to seemed more centred around having your picture taken to create an illusion of having fun, rather than actually having some fun.”

“But he tried to never let on that he was bored –“

You must be able to communicate overtly with your partner. Do not stick anything in! Who loves you never wants you to be unhappy!

“She hadn’t even offered to pay, and he hadn’t asked.”


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